Announcing Creative Startup Labs

Fashion InJunction is proud to announce the launch of Creative Startup Labs.  This is a project we have been involved in for a while and are very excited about.  As we always say, creativity and artistic talent in the fashion world is not enough for success.  It is only when this talent is in used in conjunction with business and legal resources that it is able to shine and grow.  If you, or someone you know, is looking to start or grow a business in the fashion industry, this is an invaluable resource.  Check out CSL and see how they may be able to help.


Creative Startup Labs is a full-service agency dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.  CSL partners with you to solve a wide range of business challenges from financial to legal to marketing, building long term, lasting relationships in the process.  Whether you need brand development, legal services, business plan preparation, creative financing, strategic consulting or product incubation, CSL takes your best interests to heart.  We develop solutions that fit your company’s unique situation.  Perhaps, you really aren’t sure what you need.  Contact us, we can probably help.