Complimentary One-Page Business Plan

As lawyers for creative entrepreneurs, we are often asked to help with more than just legal issues.  One thing that creatives often can use some assistance with is clearly and concisely articulating what their plan is for growing their business and being successful.  Without this, even the most talented creative entrepreneurs may fail to achieve success.   Furthermore, if you are interested in finding investors, having a business plan is practically a base requirement.

Before you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry, business plans can be broken down and don’t have to be lengthy to be effective.  To help you get started, we have created a “One-Page Business Plan” template that will give you all of the things we think should go into a basic business plan.

At the link below, you can download our COMPLIMENTARY one-page business plan template.  That’s right, a single page to tell you all of the basic requirements for putting together a plan to turn your talent or idea into a successful business and to find partners or investors to help you do so.  Take a look and take a crack at setting up a plan for your business.

Shoul’d you want further guidance, contact me for a (also free) consultation at

You can do it, we can help!  Remember, “Your Success is Just Our Style.”


Click here for a free PDF of our ….  FnJ One-Page Business Plan and Analysis