Customer Engagement

Whether you have a dedicated customer service department or are running a one-(wo)man shop, engaging with your customers is a vital part of running a successful business this day in age.

Social media provides a unique opportunity for companies to engage directly with current or potential clients. That means you need to monitor your accounts and respond to feedback that you’re receiving.

Depending on your type of business that can mean any of the following platforms & means of communication should be monitored:

If you have someone dedicated to keeping track of these platforms, great. You’re ahead of the game.

On the other hand, if you’re set up accounts and can’t remember the last time you logged in – You’re wasting a valuable resource while simultaneously putting yourself in a position to potentially alienating your clientele.

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Why are these important?

  • You can respond to questions, concerns, or feedback
  • Sharing clients’ social media posts is a great way to create engagement
  • Monitoring your hashtags, mentions, and/or tags will provide valuable insights into your customer’s needs & habits
  • Creating social media & website content keeps your current & potential clients coming back for more & offers a place for an open dialog

So how do you approach the overwhelming task of tackling social media? My suggestion is to first focus on creating a website or blog to promote your business and picking one social media platform. Spend a few months updating those, collecting data & analytics, and learning to draft & post content to both on a regular schedule.

Once you feel like you’ve mastered those, add another social media platform. And so on.

Dedicating time one or twice a week to creating/scheduling content and responding to social media and website feedback is a great approach. Breaking the time into smaller chunks makes it more manageable.