Planning an Event? Meet CSL and Sparxo

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping join creative entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to build their businesses, FnJ is excited to announce the new partnership between Creative Startup Labs and Sparxo, an end-to-end ticketing and event management platform.

Already a one-stop legal and business services agency, Creative Startup Labs now is able to help clients manage events, sell tickets and grow their brands and community using technology from Sparxo.  Sparxo’s tools are especially useful for companies in the fashion industry as brand and community are vitally important.  Often, when  a fashion brand is throwing an event, the value is not just in ticket revenues, but also (often times more so) in the customer information you can gain, the brand value it builds and the community you can develop.  While other event and ticketing solutions often require users to leave the event managers’ website or Facebook page to purchase tickets (and then take the customer data they collect and often share it with your competitors!), Sparxo lets you do all this on your own site or page, with your own branding, and let’s YOU keep the customer data.

That means you can now be in control of your brand, community and events – and if you like, Creative Startup Labs can manage this for you, making sure you get the most from your events.  This means CSL can take some of the business work off of your plate – while you focus on the creative side.

Check out this great summary Introducing Sparxo and contact to get started today.  Your next event just got a huge spark, with Sparxo!  (Ok, I just made that up, but kinda like it … :))