Silicon Valley Fashion Week?! (version 2.0)

Last year we covered the first ever SVFW and made a couple of admissions:

I am going to make an admission:  Sometimes, even when the fashion is great, fashion shows can be boring.  There, I said it.

I am going to make another admission:  San Francisco is not always on the cutting edge when it comes to fashion.

But – S.F. IS  the head of a snake known as Silicon Valley, the cutting edge of just about everything tech, and people do keep saying that fashion and tech are coming together here.  But still, Silicon Valley, known more for its hooded inability even to adhere to business casual codes is NOT really where people look for fashion ideas.

This year Betabrand added a question mark and an exclamation point(!) to the name of its “Silicon Valley Fashion Week?!”  It also added a very fitting sponsor in Zappos.  Now I can make another, updated, admission.  Maybe even an exclamation(!):

This year’s SVFW raised the bar significantly.  Not just for Silicon Valley Fashion Week, but for every other fashion show and fashion week in town.  This unapologetic union of tech and fashion is what will make San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, relevant in the fashion world.

Plus, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

IMG_20161021_221412A “good look” at the new event space at 1425 Market St.



Perhaps one of the most fun parts of these events was the “human claw” sponsored by Zappos.  Just like the claw prize games in arcades, a player controlled a claw to try to grab prizes, just this time the claw was their friend or colleague.   (Yes, of course I did it…)


I also had a drink with this guy.  Pretty sure he was neither clawed, nor human.  He did, however, have a matching vest to my Betabrand reversible silver disco hoodie.

Here are some looks from the runway.

IMG_20161020_212125IMG_20161021_211518IMG_20161021_211616 IMG_20161020_213309

Thursday Night’s Designers
Tonight’s Designers
PixeldelicsTinselSensoree, CAT Clutch, Simone Simon, Topology Eyewear, Boho Coats, Arden Cove, Jomper, and Threeform
Saturday’s Designers
Tenaya Hurst/Rogue Making, Jennifer Mann, Betabrand Clothing, Megan Doak and UNYQ

IMG_20161020_212626Great job MC’ing (and producing) by Mustafa! 

The new SOZLbag CONVERTIBLE even made an appearance.  Thanks Angelica! IMG_20161020_195048We are already looking forward to next year … (?!)