Sira is bringing textiles to designers, and to you…

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Carlos and Spandana from the new fashion start-up “Sira”.  Aside from being a promising brand themselves, they could also serve as a valuable resource for emerging designers, so thought I would share.

The fashion industry is missing a $34 billion market segment. There are currently over 700 textiles around the world that the global fashion industry has yet to incorporate and explore. That’s where Sira comes in.

By harnessing the talents of emerging designers and small scale artisanal producers, Sira is a retail platform that adapts global textiles to larger consumer preferences, thus making this billion dollar segment accessible to consumers and redefining the landscape of high end fashion.

Beyond facilitating getting designs created with exotic textiles, Sira will co-brand collections and assist with getting these collections into showrooms, stores and ultimately on consumers.  For a designer that wants to focus on designing – this could be an interesting way to do so.

They currently source textiles from India, Indonesia and Mexico and are looking forward to launching their first collection in the Fall. If you are a designer who would like to learn more about their initiative and how to get involved, please reach out to Carlos and Spandana at