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Welcome to something completely new.

My name is Gregory Lemmons and it is a honor to welcome you to our site, Fashion InJunction! This site is a complimentary resource to you – the entrepreneur, the designer, or any creative professional interested in the nexus between the law, fashion, business, and technology. The brainchild of my law partner, J. Bradley Carrick, Fashion InJunction is the result of months of planning, and a collaboration of professionals across multiple disciplines as represented by our team.  My particular discipline is Entertainment Law & The Law of Fashion and Design.


Santa Clara University.

When I graduated from Law School ( Santa Clara – Go Broncos!), I began my legal career in a traditional manner as an associate in the litigation group of a large, national firm.


The key to success as an associate in a large firm.

I underwent a sudden paradigm shift (as one is apt to do at 12:30am in the firm library buried in Witkins volumes & Federal Reporters) and realized I wanted to build my own law practice; my own business. It is a realization that every successful entrepreneur has at one point, and I acted.  

I founded Lord Bertram in San Francisco in 2009 the following year, vowing to grow an entertainment law firm. I was successful.


From Left to Right: Michael Rappaport, Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, Lenny Messina, and Myself. Taken at the premiere of the Tribe Documentary “BEATS, RHYMES, & LIFE: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest” in Manhattan at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival.

At the time I had no intention of practicing what I now know to be fashion law, but when clients began asking about the best methods for starting their own fashion brands, seeking advice and counsel on how to license the use of their names to brands, and other fashion and law related issues, I knew it might be wise to dedicate a portion of the law practice to fashion.


Cate School, a 105 year old co-educational boarding school located in Carpinteria, CA.

I had kept in touch with Brad Carrick, a friend since our high school days at Cate and accomplished lawyer in his own right, who had founded his own fashion brand, SOLZ.


Solz advertisement for the SOLZ Watch with model Jennifer Cirone.

Initially engaged as a consultant and client, the practice grew so quickly that he came onboard as a partner in 2012, and Lord Bertram’s client base of designers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers has been growing ever since.

Patterns began to emerge over the ensuing years as to the type of issues clients would face in running their own fashion brands, or more broadly, in starting their own businesses. This site is intended to help peel away the mysteries surrounding creative business entrepreneurship . . . and perhaps help its readers spark some paradigm shifts of their own.

I, as well as the rest of the Fashion InJunction team, are looking forward to beginning this journey with you. As our slogan so aptly proclaims: “Your Success Is Just Our Style.”

Signed and agreed,

x……Gregory B. Lemmons……………
Gregory B. Lemmons, Esq, Co-Founder